Thanks for considering The Best Dogsitter as your future caretaker! I live in the Southside area of Jacksonville, Florida and I can service parts of Mandarin, Riverside, and the beaches. I can drive to client’s homes for daily walks and feedings, and I board dogs in my own home for daycare and overnight stays. I offer transportation to and from client’s houses to vet/groomer’s appointments, wedding ceremonies, you name it. I also make homemade dog treats and slow cooker dog stews; I’m THE BEST DOGSITTER for a reason!

check mark Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

check mark PetCare Pet Sitter Insured

pet techpetcare insurance

Feel free to contact me to schedule a FREE meet-and-greet:
Check out my availability and pricing; I guarantee you WON’T find better prices for at- home doggy daycare that includes long walks and spoiling the dogs rotten!
I also make HEALTHY and DELICIOUS dog treats and slow cooker stews! Your dogs will HOUND you for all of my treats. You can see my recipes online, or you can order directly from me for 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!
Food & Treats
Want 20% off of daycare or a free bag of chicken biscuits? RUFF-er a friend! And refer as many friends as you’d like- the discount will always apply!
Discounts, Promotions, and Coupons


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