The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Dog

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There are so many people who rant and rave over coconut oil, and I was a skeptic at first myself! But after spending some time looking about the positives, I was sold. Here are the WONDERFUL benefits of coconut oil for your dog:

  • It helps with their digestive system
    • Helps with colitis and IBS
  • Increases nutrient absorption to help keep them hydrated
  • Helps with dry and itchy skin
    • And makes a glossy and shiny coat, too!
  • Anti-inflammatory and “oil” agents help reduce with bug bites and allergic reactions
    • And aids arthritis and ligament problems
  • Minimizes odor on their skin and fur
  • Helps with sunburn and hotspots
  • Freshens breath
  • Balances insulin
  • Assists with weight loss
    • Helps keep your metabolism at a constant pace


Now tell me…. why WOULDN’T you want to give your dog coconut oil?!


To help with bites and sunburns, rub some of the coconut oil on the affected area of your dog. Use a tiny bit, a small amount goes a long way!

*When feeding coconut oil to your dog, start off with small amounts! Give your small dog ½ tablespoon and big dog 1 tablespoon, eventually doubling. I like to use coconut oil in my dog treats, too! Combine coconut oil and parsley for some Fresh & Clean treats! Give your dog one of these after every meal and you will visibly notice a cleaner and a fresher dog’s mouth!*

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